Thursday, July 14, 2011

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

logo.jpg About two weeks ago, I got the internship for the USKAF (US Korea Art Foundation) and tomorrow is my first day working! For this foundation, the goal is to promote the Korean history and culture to those who are not familiar with it and to spread the Korean heritage to those who come visit the Smithsonian! As an intern/volunteer, my job is to give tours to visitors who would like to have a tour of specific galleries in the museum and most importantly to give them a tour of the Korea Gallery so that they can spread the knowledge of the Korean heritage to others. I will be working with this foundation for a year and will be giving tours throughout the Smithsonian several times a month! Wish me luck on my first day tomorrow and for those who are able to visit the Smithsonian in Washington DC, come down to the Korea Gallery and take a look at what the gallery has to offer!

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